Beautiful things for you and your home...

Beautiful things for you and your home...
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Monday, 24 October 2011

Hushhhhhhh .....

Have you got your heating on yet? Or had your first log fire? Are you starting to layer your clothes? If you're anything like me and afraid of the cold, then the answer to at least one of these will be a definite yes. Warm clothes, wrapping up and cosy nights in mean one thing to us Lavender girls.... some Hush time; soft woollens/cotton mixes, Henley tops, cute wool dresses, loose leggings, long vests, wrap cardigans, and my favourites ...soft brushed cotton Pj's. Hush Pj's are so good they don't even wait until bedtime in my house... they're on for the evening when I get home from work, way too comfortable and cosy to be kept for just under the duvet. Each year Hush produces beautiful new designs but our favourite, and theirs too it would seem because they keep bringing it back, is the Vintage Rose print. Or if you don't fancy the full set, you can buy just the Pj bottoms and match with a vest or tee. They are supreme winter warmers, brilliant for a Christmas gift, and guaranteed to make you feel warm and loved....which let's face it girls, is all you can wish for in winter.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

What does a hat say about you?

Hats have been gradually seeping their way back into our wardrobes for the past few years now, the festival season really being responsible for launching them back into modern fashion. Summer has, without doubt, been the time for hats to shine, for men and women. Yet slowly we're seeing them filter through to the Autumn/Winter season, but still with some anticipation.

And so it's through this observation that I want to explore what a hat says about you, what statement do we advertise when we wear a hat? Should we be self conscious or should we stand tall?

Frank Sinatra once said, 'Cock your hat - angles are attitudes'. This sits uneasy with me because attitude can sometimes be mistaken for arrogance, and whilst we are talking fashion here, where egos and arrogance abound, I certainly do not attempt to come anywhere close to that quality or trait. That said, an attitude which speaks, 'I am me and I am happy to be me' shows strength, individuality and presence. Whilst I personally shy away from a hat because it invokes self-conscious thoughts ... 'everyone is noticing me!', if I can adopt a new personality, just for a day, what a refreshing and powerful piece of apparel it is!

I'm going to try it.... and if nothing else, simply see it, on a very base level, for exactly what it is ...a highly expressive consumer product worn as a covering for the head. Check out our beautiful Fedora's by Pachacuti before you go ... they are, I guarantee, the finest you'll find.

Monday, 19 September 2011

These boots were made for Autumn ....

Having finally accepted that summer is over (and I have to tell you, it's taken quite some time to give in to that reality) I am now focusing on allowing Autumn to move in, finding ways to make the transition a little smoother for myself. And I'm starting with my feet. Whilst we are still getting some sunshine (tees and lightweight jackets are still having their moment) we are also dealing with wind and rain which demand that flip flops and espadrilles no longer cut it. Ankle boots are what we need girls, and for me, ankle boots are Autumn's version of the flip flop; they go with any outfit, work with casual or smart, and can be worked with jeans, dresses or skirts (they look hot with bare legs) and I know I will wear them every day for the next few months, and probably beyond to next years festival season. Finding the right boot can be a feat but with so many options around this season it won't take you long to find your perfect match. Let us introduce you to Ash. Whether you're a trainer type of girl, a rock chick, or a girl who lusts after a bit of understated sophistication, you will find in Ash something for everyone and every look. Ash hi-tops are legendary, in the same vein as Converse but perhaps a little more style-conscious and smarter. Ash ankle boots are faithfully on trend and offer various 'looks' favourite this year is the Crosby, full of attitude and seriously cool. Take a look at our chosen styles from Ash's AW collection and begin to embrace the new season by kicking your heels with your first key piece!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Beach Life ....

It has to be one of the best things about living in Brighton. Actually no, it is the best thing about living in Brighton. The beach. Ok it's pebble (apparently 614 billion of them) and not white sand, but then you can't have everything and the pebbles don't seem to matter so much when you have that vast, open scenery that is the ocean. To me, a beach is not just about the colour and material of the shore, it's all about losing yourself, and your mind, into the big blue and the sky that meets it and the clouds that hover above it. Where else do you see and feel that imposing creation of nature? In the mountains, but the closest we have to those on our doorstep are the Downs (and there's another great thing about living in Brighton). If the pebbles really bother you, wait till low tide where you can find long stretches of sand, which is great fun for children and paddling, or move down the coast way in to Hove and beyond where the pebbles are more shingle and comfortable. And at the edge of a busy and very colourful city, the beach is right there ... just literally turn your back on the craziness and be somewhere else. Beach life in Brighton is alive, fun and happening with many sports - go to Yellowave, for some hot Volleyball action or Hove Lagoon for a whole host of water sports and sailing activities. The beach has some great cafes (check out the new Bandstand cafe (alfresco style) for a real taste of 'being on holiday') and restaurants (Due South is special). But above all of this, what I love most about living by the beach is that after a day at work I can swim in the sea, wash all my troubles away (it's amazing for hangovers!), feel truly alive and be ready to take on the world. It's a special feeling.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Danish Living ....

It seems to me that the Danes know how to live. How to live calmly, how to live stylishly and how to live simply. I know this, not because I have been to Denmark, or that I even know any Danes, because neither are true, but from all the images I have ever seen of Danish houses. The interiors press are constantly highlighting Danish living to us. Every single feature, without fail, makes me want to move in without a second thought. Danish living inspires me to live calmly, all that white is so soothing and relaxing. It's fresh, it's summery, it's light and quite simply, it's cool. What's not to like? The rawness of materials, lots of stripped-down wood, with natural finishes reminds me of nature (and not city madness) and the distressed finishes evoke a sense that not everything has to be perfect to be beautiful. I like that philosophy, a lot. We have a new supplier here at lavender/room who is bringing some Danish charm into our homes right now and you don't need to have a whole lot of new stuff to make a difference, often a few small accessories are just enough for some fresh inspiration. Check out these gorgeous hooks which work in kitchens, bathrooms or hallways (depending on the colour) and some great new photo frames which look uber-stylish displayed randomly on walls. Get the Danish look ... your home is worth it.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

For the Teachers ....

It's that time of year again when we're going to Sports Days, end of term concerts, finding out which class we're in next year, and worrying about how we're going to juggle childcare through the holidays! And throughout all of this excitement and panic we have to remember our lovely (hopefully!) teacher who has guided and nurtured our little treasures through the past year. Teachers work incredibly hard and spend more time throughout the week with our children than we do, and are responsible for the majority of educational development over the past year. For that, they deserve some serious gratitude. So, how to say thank you and what to buy? A usual budget would be around £10, but perhaps less if you've got more than one to buy for. We have a large and varied selection of gifts for £10 and under. We also have quite a bit more choice of gifts in our Brighton store - our ceramic planters are going to be top of my list this year. Have a browse here, or pop down to the shop. Spoil your teacher, they do deserve it.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Perfect lighting for summer garden parties ....

This has to be the best time of the year doesn't it? When the sunshine is warm, our gardens are in bloom and everything just seems bright and cheery. Ok granted, we do have to wait a while for those moments and they may be few and far between in our 'English Summer', but when they come along we absolutely must catch them, and take full advantage of the joy that they can bring. Sitting in the garden after a busy day, once the kids are in bed, is one of life's simple pleasures, especially as the sun is going down and the light warrants some tender lighting ... a few pretty tealights to see you into the night. Tealights and votives come into their own in the summer don't they, because they truly do look better lit outside, rather than on a mantlepiece. And for summer garden parties they really are the pièce de résistance! And with so much choice of garden decorations now available our great tealight collection at lavender/room are all suitable for outdoor use. My favourites are our ceramic ones, with little tiny holes which give a wonderful glow in the dark. We also have a couple of styles which can be hung - on walls or in trees. Take a look here and choose something pretty that will help our Summer evenings feel a little bit more special.

Friday, 1 July 2011

We love Independent Retailers, do you?

Well, it's Friday again.. how did that happen so fast?

We've had a busy week in Brighton & finally the sun has graced us with its presence. There's always a buzz in town when the sun shines - we Brightonians just love the summer! With our fantastic selection of independent shops and cafes, the North Laine is just great for pottering around on a warm weekend. With so many independent businesses who are really passionate about what they do (us included!), it beats the high street. Brighton is so lucky to have such a strong sense of individuality & creative people doing the things they love. That's enough gushing about Brighton!

Monday is Independents' Day -
supporting independent retailers & encouraging everyone to buy at least one thing from an independent shop. I hope we can all find time on Monday to support this and lend a helping hand to all our brilliant shopkeepers, whose tasks are wide and varied - from Buyer, Designer, Marketeer and Book-Keeper to Sales Assistant, Finance Director and general Jack of all Trades! Buy something, however small, and show your support. You can find out more by clicking on the link to the right.

Well, I need to begin preparing for our summer sale which starts tomorrow - lots to be done before the morning. So I must get busy. No time to sit on the computer chatting!

Have a great weekend. Fingers crossed for more warm weather.

Jenny x

Friday, 24 June 2011

I love Fridays...

It seems that Friday always comes round so fast... something do with time flying when you're having fun...?
Another busy day at the shop, and finally the sun came out! Brighton has been crossing its fingers all week and wishing for some warmer weather. Seems like the weather fairy has cast her spell in our favour. Looks like we're set for a very warm and sunny weekend. Keeping those fingers crossed.
I always spend a disproportionate amount of time over the weekend propped up on my bed (with lovely vintage pillows, of course) with a good book. My current favourite read is P.G. Wodehouse's 'Leave it to PSmith'. Like wrapping up in a cashmere blanket whilst being tickled! Lots of silly shenanigans and twisted plots, and of course set in the obligatory country house. I often turn to Wodehouse when I need some light hearted, laugh aloud escapism. You can't beat a bit of Jeeves & Wooster to take your mind off your busy week ahead.

Another good thing about Fridays is my Abel & Cole delivery. Yes, I may be sad, but I actually get excited about looking in my fruit & veg box. Any fellow foodies will understand! Great to wake up on Saturday with proper bread and fresh eggs and a double esspresso. What better things are there?

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine x

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Anyone for Tennis?

There's a reason why the sun hasn't been shining and we feel we've stepped back to Autumn. Glastonbury? .... yes there's that, but we're thinking more 'stylish event' than 'mudbath' ..... Wimbledon! Those poor people who have got the day off work to watch hot players like Nadal and Federer (my favourite) sweat it out on the court, enjoy champagne and strawberries and enjoy a day of excitable atmosphere, are getting wet! Typical. End of June, wet weather, it's time for tennis! Wimbledon is always a big date in the English social calendar but more so this year as it celebrates it's 125th anniversary. And what better way to celebrate than having Ralph Lauren re-design the Wimbledon uniforms! We love the preppy look, emblazoned with the distinguishable Ralph Lauren Polo logo. If you're lucky enough to be going, check out the new style, it's a nice little moment of sporting fashion!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Luxurious and Romantic, introducing the delightful products of Lollia ....

When I come across a brand which encompasses luxury with femininity and romanticism, in both product and packaging, I get very excited. It feels like someone has got it exactly right for me, because I am a girl's girl at heart and revel in the prettiness and the flirtiness and the innocent beauty of being female. The latest products to capture my girly heart come from Lollia, who produce beautiful, high-end, bath and body products. Their range has wonderful stories such as, Breathe, Imagine, In Love, Wish, Calm, Inspire. What girl wouldn't want to feel and be all of those things? The packaging is decoratively illustrated with blossom branches and birds and feels just as delicate as the products themselves. It's for this reason that Lollia products make wonderful gifts; not only are you giving a very sophisticated beauty product but you're affirming some beautiful philosophy of pure, timeless romanticism which doesn't get shared as often as it should.
Here at lavender/room we're currently stocking Lollia handcremes and fragrances and they are attracting quite a following. You can have a look at products here, pop in to see us at the Brighton store, or call us to place an order over the phone! 01273 220380

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Faithful friends ....

Over the past eight years we have seen products come and go, best-sellers change according to fashion and trends, have worked consistently hard to source and find great new things for our customers and remain a lifestyle boutique which offers a coveted sense of style and inspiration. We have a few long-standing relationships which have been part of lavender/room from the very beginning, remaining faithful and reliable friends, so much so that we think it's worth singing their praises! The gorgeous leather bags and purses from Mimi have been a real winner with our customers, and staff, and continue to deliver fresh, on-trend designs with impeccable quality and finish. The silver Evelyn bag has been our best-selling bag of all time, can be spotted on the most stylish of Brighton girls, and is now exclusive to lavender/room. For fashion, we have been loyal to one label which delivers each season, year upon year, with small, limited edition pieces. It is the one label with us which demands a waiting list! Baby Ceylon has it's very own unique style and fabric (viscose crepe which makes the sizing remarkably flexible) and has a refreshingly flattering and uber sexy cut, which works on a wide age and size range. Infact it's this, I believe, is it's huge appeal and success. If you haven't experienced it yet, come and take a look, we have just had our second delivery of the season, but I warn you ... it won't be on the rails for very long!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Emerald Street ... the place I like to visit every day

How many newsletters are you currently signed-up to receive? And do you open them all and read them? If I'm honest, whether I open them always depends on how I'm feeling, how much I've got on at the time they pop into my inbox, and also whether they have a track record of capturing my attention and interest. It's getting harder and harder for companies to think of fresh, inspiring, current topics to talk about, but I have found a new one who is doing just that for me right now. Emerald Street is part of the great, relative new-comer, magazine Stylist, and offers advice and information on fashion, beauty and, what I like it best for, culture. There is always loads of great reviews on the coolest and most happening bars and restaurants, exhibitions, city breaks etc and is such a good little read, just like flicking through the best pages of your favourite magazine. It's the one newsletter I am looking forward to getting through every day. Sign-up too and enjoy!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Our Festival highlights ....

Brighton Festival kicked off last weekend with the ever brilliant and joyous Children's Parade, and the equally marvellous and completely enchanting Jardin Flambeau which if you ever get the chance to see, you must, must go! One of our lovely city parks was transformed with fire lanterns and sculptures which was a truly magical spectacle. Both of these events were 'Outdoor', which is, I believe, Brighton Festival at it's best, and really helps to bring the city alive and thousands of people together. So this weekend we're looking forward to more outdoor fun and our hot Festival tip is, without a doubt ..... Gramoulinophone. Get over to the Pavilion Gardens (one of my favourite venues for the Festival) on Saturday or Sunday this weekend and let these French Street Theatre supremo's take you on their magical mystery journey. It looks absurd, surreal, and lots of fun ... I can't wait. It's free, and I predict this will be the one everyone will be talking about next week! Roll on le weekend and see you down there.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Brighton and the month of May

May is my favourite month as a Brightonian. The City comes to life and celebrates everything which is great about living in this wonderfully colourful city. May is the month of the Brighton Festival, The Brighton Fringe Festival and the Artist Open Houses Festival.

This year the Artist Open Houses (AOH) celebrates 30 years since Brighton's first resident opened their doors to the public, and is the biggest and oldest event of its kind in the country.

AOH is a fantastic and unique opportunity to view work in artists’ homes and studios and to buy directly from the artist or maker. And in all honesty, I also simply enjoy having a look around other people's homes, having cups of tea and eating cake!

More than 1,000 artists are exhibiting their work at over 250 venues, spread across the city of Brighton and Hove and the surrounding area. The 2011 Festival dates are May 7th & 8th, 14th & 15th, 21st & 22nd and 28th & 29th. For further information click here

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Finally it's here... hello Spring we've been expecting you... Had to tear myself away from sitting in the Pavilion Gardens soaking up the sun. Glorious day here in Brighton. This is what Brighton life is all about. We're not good at gloomy grey days. Happy Days x

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Weekends away until Spring is upon us ....

A few of us were lucky enough to have spent, separate, weekends away last week, which helps enormously with getting us through the last long months of winter. Two very different weekends; one a beautiful, relaxing time with girlfriends at a wonderful 'country' spa, great company, a beautiful environment, heavenly food and wonderful treatments at the Spread Eagle Hotel Spa in Midhurst, West Sussex. The other to celebrate a 40th birthday party, at Hill House, in the Cotswold's; not quite so relaxing (due to party fun!), but still a gorgeous environment in a stunning setting. So we think both deserve a mention and our recommendation, if you are lucky enough to be able to pop off and indulge in a weekend away!