Beautiful things for you and your home...

Beautiful things for you and your home...
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Thursday, 22 September 2011

What does a hat say about you?

Hats have been gradually seeping their way back into our wardrobes for the past few years now, the festival season really being responsible for launching them back into modern fashion. Summer has, without doubt, been the time for hats to shine, for men and women. Yet slowly we're seeing them filter through to the Autumn/Winter season, but still with some anticipation.

And so it's through this observation that I want to explore what a hat says about you, what statement do we advertise when we wear a hat? Should we be self conscious or should we stand tall?

Frank Sinatra once said, 'Cock your hat - angles are attitudes'. This sits uneasy with me because attitude can sometimes be mistaken for arrogance, and whilst we are talking fashion here, where egos and arrogance abound, I certainly do not attempt to come anywhere close to that quality or trait. That said, an attitude which speaks, 'I am me and I am happy to be me' shows strength, individuality and presence. Whilst I personally shy away from a hat because it invokes self-conscious thoughts ... 'everyone is noticing me!', if I can adopt a new personality, just for a day, what a refreshing and powerful piece of apparel it is!

I'm going to try it.... and if nothing else, simply see it, on a very base level, for exactly what it is ...a highly expressive consumer product worn as a covering for the head. Check out our beautiful Fedora's by Pachacuti before you go ... they are, I guarantee, the finest you'll find.

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