Beautiful things for you and your home...

Beautiful things for you and your home...
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Friday, 24 June 2011

I love Fridays...

It seems that Friday always comes round so fast... something do with time flying when you're having fun...?
Another busy day at the shop, and finally the sun came out! Brighton has been crossing its fingers all week and wishing for some warmer weather. Seems like the weather fairy has cast her spell in our favour. Looks like we're set for a very warm and sunny weekend. Keeping those fingers crossed.
I always spend a disproportionate amount of time over the weekend propped up on my bed (with lovely vintage pillows, of course) with a good book. My current favourite read is P.G. Wodehouse's 'Leave it to PSmith'. Like wrapping up in a cashmere blanket whilst being tickled! Lots of silly shenanigans and twisted plots, and of course set in the obligatory country house. I often turn to Wodehouse when I need some light hearted, laugh aloud escapism. You can't beat a bit of Jeeves & Wooster to take your mind off your busy week ahead.

Another good thing about Fridays is my Abel & Cole delivery. Yes, I may be sad, but I actually get excited about looking in my fruit & veg box. Any fellow foodies will understand! Great to wake up on Saturday with proper bread and fresh eggs and a double esspresso. What better things are there?

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine x

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Anyone for Tennis?

There's a reason why the sun hasn't been shining and we feel we've stepped back to Autumn. Glastonbury? .... yes there's that, but we're thinking more 'stylish event' than 'mudbath' ..... Wimbledon! Those poor people who have got the day off work to watch hot players like Nadal and Federer (my favourite) sweat it out on the court, enjoy champagne and strawberries and enjoy a day of excitable atmosphere, are getting wet! Typical. End of June, wet weather, it's time for tennis! Wimbledon is always a big date in the English social calendar but more so this year as it celebrates it's 125th anniversary. And what better way to celebrate than having Ralph Lauren re-design the Wimbledon uniforms! We love the preppy look, emblazoned with the distinguishable Ralph Lauren Polo logo. If you're lucky enough to be going, check out the new style, it's a nice little moment of sporting fashion!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Luxurious and Romantic, introducing the delightful products of Lollia ....

When I come across a brand which encompasses luxury with femininity and romanticism, in both product and packaging, I get very excited. It feels like someone has got it exactly right for me, because I am a girl's girl at heart and revel in the prettiness and the flirtiness and the innocent beauty of being female. The latest products to capture my girly heart come from Lollia, who produce beautiful, high-end, bath and body products. Their range has wonderful stories such as, Breathe, Imagine, In Love, Wish, Calm, Inspire. What girl wouldn't want to feel and be all of those things? The packaging is decoratively illustrated with blossom branches and birds and feels just as delicate as the products themselves. It's for this reason that Lollia products make wonderful gifts; not only are you giving a very sophisticated beauty product but you're affirming some beautiful philosophy of pure, timeless romanticism which doesn't get shared as often as it should.
Here at lavender/room we're currently stocking Lollia handcremes and fragrances and they are attracting quite a following. You can have a look at products here, pop in to see us at the Brighton store, or call us to place an order over the phone! 01273 220380