Beautiful things for you and your home...

Beautiful things for you and your home...
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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Anyone for Tennis?

There's a reason why the sun hasn't been shining and we feel we've stepped back to Autumn. Glastonbury? .... yes there's that, but we're thinking more 'stylish event' than 'mudbath' ..... Wimbledon! Those poor people who have got the day off work to watch hot players like Nadal and Federer (my favourite) sweat it out on the court, enjoy champagne and strawberries and enjoy a day of excitable atmosphere, are getting wet! Typical. End of June, wet weather, it's time for tennis! Wimbledon is always a big date in the English social calendar but more so this year as it celebrates it's 125th anniversary. And what better way to celebrate than having Ralph Lauren re-design the Wimbledon uniforms! We love the preppy look, emblazoned with the distinguishable Ralph Lauren Polo logo. If you're lucky enough to be going, check out the new style, it's a nice little moment of sporting fashion!

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